Million Wise Journey of Development

        Million Wise Enterprises Ltd. Found in 1990 is a multinational company involves in Investment, Real Estate development and many more.

        In year 2006, we have furthered our business project in the field of agricultural resources for large corporation and enterprises in the exporting of Thai production of Cassava Chips and rice, and such development had led Million Wise towards its diversification in business.

        In year 2010, Million Wise had established an oversea project in Thailand, investing into Real Estate construction and development. This project focuses on the construction and development of small to medium land management and property services. This project is a stepping stone for larger project of similar type in foreseeable future and to fully utilize the strength of Entrepreneurship of Million Wise Ltd.

        Today, Million Wise uphold our honesty and reliabilities as the core principle of how business should ran, employing an optimism attitude in serving our customers using the best informational technology to stretch to its limited in our advantage to provide the best Million Wise can offer to our customers in terms of quality services and loyalty. This had enhanced the interlinked of working relationship between Million Wise and all of their customers from various fields, improving efficiency and developing trust and confidence between parties. Our mission is a continuous process of upholding our social responsibility and environmental protection determination, close monitoring of quality control of all products involved in various fields, in order to achieve confidence and satisfaction from all of our customers.

        Million Wise is committed to maintain their highest standard of management and integrity, continuously improving the standard and quality of our management system that strive for success internally and externally of the Enterprise in order to enhance the strength and knowledge to meet with challenges, and to be prepared in every upcoming opportunities for business development such to lead Million Wise to creating a prosper and successful future.